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Dear ROUNDUP Family: Welcome to our exclusive space for content and community.  Welcome, welcome.

Since 2008, our core team has been committed to creating platforms, experiences, and content that connects and elevates Black families, HBCUs, and Black professionals. 

We are the creators of Alumni Roundup (Bison Roundup and Rattler Roundup, The Aggie Nation, Big Blue Roundup... the list goes on to include 22 HBCUs we served), “Leaving Home an HBCU Story,” Brooklyn Tea, The Super Fantastic Show, as well as podcasts The Black Futurist, wellness podcast Coach Be: Daily and The Super Fantastic Show.

As a 100% community-funded production company, it’s only with your help that we can continue bringing your stories to the center! Your subscriptions help us support our development team, crew & productions, and provide us with the ability to create and coordinate impactful connections and initiatives that move our communities forward.

Subscribing is easy to do – we have affordable tiers paired with varying levels of support. Join our fam by choosing whichever level is right for you!

Your patronage is greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue to be a “Blackness is welcome” community!

As always, Thank You and You Belong Here!

- Be Moore & the SEVEN team

SEVEN was created by the team of HBCU alumni who created AlumniRoundup.com

From branded video series, to podcasts, to events commemorating major sporting events, festivals, and homecoming celebrations, our team has created opportunities for people to connect.

We connect the efforts, successes, and stories of members in our network.  You'll find a community willing to support worthy causes, and opportunities to do the same for others.

What You'll Find

Your experience is meant to feel like "home," an online friends and family experience.  You'll find these key facets in SEVEN:

  • You are free to express your unfiltered Blackness.  It is welcome here and encouraged! 
  • Connect to friends and family on a platform to share current events with like-minded people from our community.
  • No algorithm.  Choose to see everything, or filter what interests you. It's up to you.
  • We'd like to remain an ad-free experience. Fewer competing voices. More signal. Less noise.

Big Thanks

Thank you to all of the members of the AlumniRoundup networks; Liqpix our incredible brand designer; BrooklynTea for keeping us properly caffeinated, and the many people who encouraged us to undertake this project.

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